• Web & Web Mobile Applications

    More than just a web sites, web applications are built to manage data and facilitate tasks. Making your web application accessible on mobile devices ensures availability to your tools anytime, anywhere.

  • Database Development

    Managing information has always been important; by centralizing your data and standardizing data input, your information becomes more relevant, reliable and accessible, helping your organization become more efficient.

  • B2B Integrations

    Communication between businesses is often done through automated systems. By enabling these channels of communication, your company can save money by becoming more efficient and effective.

  • Integration with Social Platforms

    Enriching your applications by integrating with social platforms can really make a difference. Importing/Exporting photos & posting messages are but a few of the features that can boost the functionality of your app.

  • Cloud Development

    Building and deploying applications to be scalable and have high availability, hosted on cloud environments. We have work both with Amazon Web Services and Windows Azure.

Cloud Development. Designed and Developed a web application to run on the cloud and designed to scale.
ASP.Net MVC, ASP.Net Web.API, HTML5, jQuery, Knockoutjs, Kendo UI, SQL Server Azure,
Web/Worker Roles
Servers OK

Architectural Design and Web Application Development. This social collaboration site integrates with several social networks and runs as a cloud service.
ASP.Net MVC, jQuery, Entity Framework, SQL Server 2008, Amazon Web Services Memplai

Data-driven web application used to share information between Sales, Marketing & Production teams to help with demand planning activities.
ASP.Net, Ajax Toolkit, SQL Server 2008, Oracle J&J - Demand Planning

Enabling B2B communication with more than 12 partners. We participated in the development of automated back end processes to send and receive information.
Java, UNIX Scripts, Visual Basic, C# Loblaw / PC Bank

Developed multiple marketing/sales resource sites through the customization of CMS Systems.
ASP.Net, SQL Server 2008, Umbraco CMS RIM

Web Application development for a Toy Rental service; we actively participate in process definition and improvement.
ASP.Net MVC, jQuery, jQueryUI, NHibernate, SQL Server 2008 Toys Trunk